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Natalie Breez
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Natalie Breez

Hero Factory Alpha Team


Various weapons that can be combined or turned into one weapon.



Natalie Breez is a female Hero who is a member of Alpha 1.


Early Life

Though Breez may just seem like someone who anti boy and nothing else, her history is much deeper than that. She lead her own team for a while, apparently she was quite good a it, and captured many villains. But there was this one teammate of her's that she always was afraid of and she was sure the teammate was a traitor. TBA

The Vengeance Attack

Breez will make an appearance an the upcoming story titled The Vengeance Attack.

Equipment and Traits


Breez, as a 1.0 Hero, wielded twin Energized Boomerangs. The boomerangs were also mounted with Energized Harpoons as well, which she used for grappling objects. These weapons were destroyed by Von Nebula.

Later on, she wielded two twin blades as a 2.0 Hero.

Then, as a 4.0 Hero, Breez wielded a double-bladed sword, a hex shield, ankle-mounted booster rockets, a plasma gun and a pair of Hero-Cuffs.


Don’t let this Rookie’s airy grace fool you, she is no light weight. Breez is highly intelligent and a natural diplomat, but she is also a formidable fighting force, much like a lioness defending her young whenever innocents are at risk.

Breez brings a lot to the table, beyond just her amazing battle skills. Breez was created with an experimental program - that when initially super-charged – created a ‘link’ with nature in most known galactic regions. Her pals tease her that she may be ‘the missing link’ because she can communicate with pretty much every bizarre creature out there. Of course, that usually means she’ll be putting the creepy creature in one of their sleeping pods.


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