Nathan Evo
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"Let's go after them, Heroes!"
―Evo in Breakout

Nathan Evo is a Hero that was created in the Assembly Tower. His first major mission was at Tanker Station 22, and would later be the battle in Makuhero City, featured in The Vengeance Attack.


Tanker Station 22

Evo made his first major mission debut at Tanker Station 22, while in his 2.0 Upgrade. Before going there, he and his partner, Nex, granted Stormer, Furno, Breez and Surge the 2.0 Upgrade after they encountered the Fire Lord and his minions in their 1.0 forms not too long ago, and they failed to defeat them. Evo and Nex would later head to Tanker Station 22 under Stormer's request for "backup." Evo distracted the Fire Lord and his Villains with a meditation pose, lending the other Heroes an upper hand to begin capturing the Villains. Breez immobolizes Drilldozer, and than Hero-Cuffs him. Startled by his capture, Nitroblast attempts escaping ... but Evo and Nex team up to capture him. As the battle concludes, with Stormer and Surge defeating the Fire Lord, the Heroes travel back to Makuhero City.

Temporary Crew

Evo (while all the other Heroes were on Quatros), made a short-time crew with Breez and Surge (placing himself in charge) since their closest Hero partners were already on missions. They went on several missions, but none of them have been notified to the public as well.


Evo was dispatched to the planet Z'chaya to bring in Toxic Reapa after his escape from hero factory. Evo was defeated, and returned to the factory for extensive upgrades, including more resilient armor and a stature increase. Discovering Rocka to be attempting to apprehend Black Phantom, he aided in the notorious supervillain's capture before returning to Z'chaya.

Later Missions

After arresting Toxic Reapa, Evo was sent to assist another heroes in capturing Fire Lord. He continues to bring in villians and has a long career ahead of him.

Brain Attack



2.0 Form

Evo wielded a Multifunctional Ice Weapon to aid him against the Fire villains. His headgear featured an air filter.

Breakout Form

Evo was upgraded with a Tank Arm. His armor is toxic proof, although not impenetrable.

Brain Attack Form

Evo was equipped with a wind-staff. His helmet also featured a breathing apparatus for when he went into the Makuhero city underground. Underground he battled against Aquagon.


Ordeal Of Fire

Evo is calm and even-tempered.


Evo tended to rush into things during the Breakout. He knows when to ask for help, where Furno helped him through the rough spots.



Strength: 17
Agility: 16
Toughness: 13
Mind: 13



  • Evo was voiced by a different actor in Breakout because his origanal actor was voicing Rocka
  • He is the only Brain Attack Hero that does not have a silver chestplate


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