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Early Life

Nathan Evo was built in the Assembly Tower. He graduated from the academy with high honors and was sent to train in Alpha Team. While he was there, he struggled to gain Stormer's respect. However, he never got the chnace due to a fatal accident during a mission.

His 1.0 body was wrecked and he was shut down and forgoten.

XL Form

Evo XL Pic 1

Evo XL

Evo was reactivated by Zib, who had converted his body into an XL form. Evo rejoined Alpha Team and continued his struggle for respect.



1.0 Form


XL Form

Evo carries a massive Lighting Blade. He has two shoulder mounted launchers (Red=Plasma, Green=Electricty). His headgear is identical to his 1.0 form's.


Evo is quiet and even-tempered. He always respects his commander's orders.