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Introduction by Preston Stormer

Dear employee,

If you read this, you have been granted access to a confidental file. In this file, all report revolving around events related to the Nebulus Arm, the organization of Von Nebula. This contains all reports, including false or unconfirmed appearances of members or associates of this group. Please take good care of the information here.

Your leader,

Preston Stormer


F16`s burning boulevard

Hero Factory! This is an emergency! Some jet-looking guy is rampaging our boulevard! Please... *Screams and explosions, followed by disconnecting.*

Thunderstorm's overvoltage

Hero Factory... *disconnecting.*'

Help! Please! I`m paralyzed! *disconnecting.*

*Only screams, followed by disconnecting due to overvoltage.*

Scissor`s cutting edge

Hero Factory, come quick! The scissor-monster is back! He`s rampaging.

Thank you for your report. We will send a team of heroes immidiately.