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The Red Scythe, Soul Spike



Nekros is the lord of the underworld and the ruler of the corrupted dead/undead.
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Nekros in normal form


Nekros's history is unknown, although it is said he was one of the first living creatures to be made as a hero-like being. He was disliked for his violent nature, so he was placed as the ruler of the underworld. Later on, he traveled to seek out the Red Scythe, a mythical weapon that powers up energies of its user.

Nekros resides in the underworld today, welcoming heroes and all other creatures of the dead. Despite his story, he has become quite happy with his life (or death), and has no reason to be cruel to the ones that visit him. He is known to travel to the living world, just to regulate his "normal" mortal abilities. He also goes around to reap the souls of the ones who disobey or cheat death, and he harvests souls with the help from the Soul Spike on his left wrist. Those that travel to the underworld specifically for Nekros usually challenge him for power (which is a big mistake). Nekros has won all but one battle, against a team that escaped before he could claim them.

Abilities and Traits

HF moc Nekros

HF moc Nekros

Nekros treats other as any other ruler would, although his change of emotions keeps him from becoming a tyrant. Nekros has only one eye, unless you count his lower opening which he uses to suck out poisons to revive others. He is also known to either grant or take away corruption of quaza.


Nekros holds the power of the Red Scythe, and uses it to power up his energies in battle, or sometimes when in a rage. He also has a Soul Spike attached to his wrist which he uses to take others souls, the extent of this weapons power has yet to be revealed. Nekros is all black, and practically owns the shadows.


Maximum value is 50

Strength: 48
Agility: 48
Toughness: 46
Mind: 46


  • Nekros never looses a battle, accept the one against a hero team
  • The Red Scythe was actually meant for the ruler of the undead, so it was destined for Nekros
  • Despite having only one eye, Nekros gives grimacing looks
  • Nekros stands as tall as an XL hero

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