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Custom Form

Hero Factory: Deltrax7 team


Twin Tank arms, sniper rifle, pistols, swords





"I should get some cards saying Neo sniper just kicked your butt"
―Neo and Tye mercuryhunter, after a fight with whiplash


Like all heroes, Neo came into being in the the assembly tower. He was an experiment, code named 'Master Assassin'. He has many successful missions under his belt, and was part of a two man brotherhood team, but for reasons soon to be explained, He joined the Deltrax7 team along with non genetic brother, Tye MercuryHunter, a former recon team agent.

Rescue and merging of the teams

On a mission on Rescaf9, The brothers encountered Tyrant. (this is prior to the Deltrax7 Team being sent there) He Hero-napped them so that his evil team of villains could study them and hopefully make there own heroes, but the brothers woke up just in time, as a Core remover was about to purge them of there cores. They noticed blue sheets with lumps under them, and after they apprehended the villains, they went to investigate. The lumps were heroes, Not dead, but in a sort of sleep mode. The heroes left them as they were so they could rescue them after they found help, and it came in the form of Ryan Killshot. Ryan said he knew were his team's ships were and led the group to them, and they put the stricken heros in them so they were safe.

As if to return the favor, Neo saved hero Katie Blade from Whiplash and Hardhead. From that moment on the brothers were part of the team.


Neo is armed with these tools:

  • Ice tank arm
  • Lazer tank arm
  • Sniper rifle
  • Twin Pistols
  • Swords

His Sniper rifle is his favorite, but he is best with his pistols which he dual wields. They have loudners to amplify the sound


Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Toughness: 7
Mind: 10


Here you can check out neo sniper in all his glory!

  • His weapons
  • Boom! your dead!
  • GUNS!
  • sniper
  • swords