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Neon Stark
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Super concentrated plasma blaster, Plasma sword and axe




Unknown pirate vessel

Neon Stark was a robotic miner before the Protodromius war. He is now part of a hero team from another universe.
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Neon guarding, back view.



Neon was designed and engineered in a factory located in the northern hemisphere of Valactotorial. When built Neon was sent on some tests in case of a likely flaw. The scientists running the tests saw no flaw so sent him immediately to the Omocron asteroid. There on the Omocron asteroid Neon started mining. 

The Mines

Neon started his mining in the Omocron mines. Many of the robotic miners would be eaten by the Fangz or destroyed by a collapse in a tunnel. Some robotic miners malfunctioned when passing a precious energy Chrystal. Neon would usually just wander the caves and sought adventure in them.

The Protodromius War

During the Protodromius war Neon joined forces with the rebel robots. There he learned that the humans hadn't just built them, but also brought them life. They used this as an advantage and placed the robots in slavery. Neon never  saw them mines again after the start of the war. At this time Neon was given a special blaster, plasma sword and an axe. He regularly used his axe. Also during the time of the Protodromius war he met a hero for the very first time.

The Pirates

After meeting a hero Neon discovered there was another missing hero in his universe. In order to find him and help the other universe from the "BRAIN ATTACK" he scouted the pirate planet. On that planet he was captured by a pirate crew and met with the other hero. He is currently still plotting his way off the ship.


Neon is a very adventurous robot. He is also extremely smart. Commonly he could be found playing a game known as "Robo-Ball" and tends to practice fighting. He isn't very calm and never says good things about himself. Nothing else is known about his personality.