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This article, Nitroblast, is about a canonical character, object, creature, or location. The correct information is boosted with fanon information. Therefore, this article cannot be used for reference.
For canon information about the subject of this article, go to HeroPedia's page of the subject.

Hero-Factory-Nitroblast Lego,images zdjecia,6,LEGO2194 1
Ranged Weaponry Plasma Blowtorch
Melee Weaponry Knife
Guns Lava Sphere Shooter
General Information
Affiliation Fire Villains
Color(s) Red, Gunmetal
Current Status Active
Location Unknown
Misc. Information
Alias(es) None
Other Equipment None
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"Maybe his batteries are low"
―Nitroblast In Ordeal Of Fire
Strength: 18
Agility: 12
Toughness: 15
Mind: 19

Nitroblast is a villain that works for the evil Fire Lord


Tanker Station 22

Nitroblast was one of the four Fire Villians to attack Tanker Station 22. He was captured and brought to Hero Factory after he got cuffed by Evo and Nex following the upgrade known as 2.0.

Unkown Story

Nitroblast's history dates back to working with the Witch Doctor on creating a weapon similar to a Meteor and Lava Blaster. The weapon - it's title unknown - was created successfully.

Millenial Shadow

He appeared to be cracking a safe when a horrendous figure appeared. He looked at it and it appeared to be Core hunter. The monstrosity stared at him, not speaking as usually. He pointed to a wanted poster asking for hire to find the doom box. XT4 and Thornraxx stood on both of his sides. He pointed to a case. Nitro blast reluctantly cracked the case open to see a glowing piece of a box laying on the floor. "My name used to be Robert McKensy. I think I can help you, John White," concluded Nitru.


Nitroblast wields a Plasma Blowtorch and a Lava Sphere Shooter.


Nitroblast is slightly on the mad side and is an Oil Drunky.

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