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Hero Factory:


flamethrower, grappling hook ice shield



Nova is the leader of the Hero Factory experiments Quanta team. He was experimented on multiple times.


There are a limited amount of pics of his 2.8 upgrade and no pics of his bear like 3.0 upgrade. Nova was thought to have been through over 21 upgrades. His core, unlike other heroes, is not composed of Quaza. Instead it is made of obsideon gold! After the breakout he was assigned to capture the dreaded witch doctor. Unfortunately, the Witch Doctor, when he was cuffed, was still strong enough to blast nova from behind the back, killing him.
2012-05-12 16.33.29

Nova as he is before being made into a XL

Abilities and Traits


Sometimes he is like Preston Stormer. Although he is usually a lot like Bulk and Stringer aswell. He's not very fond of the XL treatment but was still upgraded. He was once a part of the Alpha team along with: Stormer, Stringer, Bulk, Thresher and Core (hunter).


Nova has Rocket arms, a flamethrower and grappling hook ice sheild. He is also equipped with anti-gravity boots! He used to have a bear claw, sphere shooter and jetpack in his 3.0 form. As a 2.0, he had a jetpack, occasionally Drilldozer's helmet, sometimes Furno 2.0's helmet, and a red ice sheild with blaster.