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Odd Shock
Odd Shock






Odd Shock was the former leader of the Hero Factory's Defense team and is now leader of the Z-Team.


Odd Shock was created in the Assembly Tower, and was registered as a member of Defense team along with Sam Secure, Mack Power and Kirk Thresher (the original leader of the team). After a few days, Thresher was transferred to another team, so Odd Shock was placed as the new leader of the team.

Odd, Sam and Mack were on Quis 716, awaiting more soldiers while fighting with Suor and Corroder 2.0.

Recently, when Rookie and Defense Team disbanded, Odd became leader of the newly formed Z-Team. He has since led the team on multiple successful missions.


Odd Shock has green armor and a light green Hero Core.


Odd's weapons are two Laser Blasters. He also has a jetpack for flying into battle.


  • The Enemies Attack

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