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Oli Nitranomus
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons Grapple cores (formerly), dual repellers(formerly),T-7 Railgun.
Status Alive
Location Across the Universe

Oli Nitranomus was a Hero scientist, and still is an excellent pilot. He is right now a rogue hero and a member of Destruction company. His Villain name is Epsilon. He once specialised in using Repellers. He currently uses a T-7 Railgun.


Oil was created at the 4.0 era with the upgrade. He was at Hero Factory when the breakout occurred and tried to stop villains from escaping. He managed to almost catch Iron Fist but his assistant drone rescued him and took him through the black hole. When Operation: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em began he was given a state-of-the-art dual Repellers. He was assinged to catch Destruction. Once he was fully upgraded for the mission was complete he set out to Arrarea to catch Destruction.


When Oli's Heropod reached Arrarea his built-in(to his chest) Tactical Armour's Planetary Tracker managed to locate Destruction. After flying up a very high mountain Oli finally reached Destruction's location. Just as he thought, Destruction was mining the planet's Rare crystals. (These crystals are extremely rare and extremely powerful.) Before Oli could attack Destrcution he picked up a Crystal that fell off the collector. He then drained its power to charge his Repellers and then destroyed Destruction's Crystals and caught the attention of his foe. Destruction turned around and his Saphire eyes shone through the smoke. Destruction began charging his weapon and fired at Oli. Oli simply Front Flipped of the crackling bolt of blue energy and kicked Destruction right in his face. Coming back to land,Oli's leg was caught and destruction threw him off the mountain. Oli barely missed being a pile of scrap by activating his jetpack,right at the last second. Destruction jumped down to finish what he started only to see 2 bolts of green energy, crackling infront of him, ready to be launched. The emerald bolts hit destrcution in the chest knocking him into the mountain and causing a land slide. Rocks piled ontop of Destruction and his arms lay at his sides. Oli simply cuffed him from there.

Mission:Iron Fist

After the Destruction mission Oli was sent out to go and help a rookie named Cameron Shockblast capture and old friend of Oli's, Iron Fist. Oli launched off the Sigma Delta sattelite and when he got there he saw the rookie wasnt doing to good. In mid-flight Oli jumped out of the pod and set it to auto land. He landed in front of Iron Fist and began Punching him. Iron fist almost managed to get Oli, but instead Oli backflipped onto a nearby asteroid and distracted Ironfist long enough for Cameron to kick Ironfist in the back. The kick launched Iron Fist into an asteroid nearby Oli. Iron Fist then used his core beam to shoot Oli but Oli used his energy drainers to take the blast. He then turned his arms into Cannons and Launched the power of the laser back at Iron fist. Iron Fist attempted to block but the power of HIS OWN blast was too powerful for him to handle and he was launched off into the distance. Cameron began jumping from Asteroid-to-Asteroid to get to Iron Fist and got there when Iron Fist got up. The 2 engaged in a Fist Fight and Oli began to fly over to help out. However Iron Fist got the upper hand and threw the rookie at Oli knocking him off course. And the veteran began to spiral out of control until he got the Cameron off him and began to fly at Iron Fist. Then Iron Fist used his electromagnetic fists to launch all the asteroids at Oli. There was no way he could dodge them all! Suddenly Cameron came up,jumping between the fast flying rocks and managed to double-kick Iron Fist in the face making him lose control of the asteroids. Cameron then climbed on Ironfist's Back and Cuffed him.


After Mission:Iron Fist, Oli and Cameron received a distress beacon coming from a nearby planet. Zib told them it the planet was Kollix I, a warm, sunny planet unlike Kollix IV (the planet Stormer was sent to) which is very cold and Icy. The pair of Heroes launched from the Sattelite Station, Delta Sigma with Iron fist left in the sattelite Station's Prison, Awaiting collection by the Hero Factory. Oli landed on Kollix I safely But Camerons hero Pod was hit by a Crimson Beam. Now this Villain capture Mission would be Search and rescue as well. Oli set off to locate the origin of the beam. He assumed it was a villain but there was no Villain on his tracker. He finally found the Red Beam's source and of course, it was a villain. But still he wasnt coming up on the tracker. Maybe he wasn't captured yet? Then he noticed 2 things about this villain. 1.The villain had a Hero Core. 2.The villain had corrupted Quaza spikes growing out of him! It must have been a corrupted hero! Oli jumped out only to be greeted by a blast of Red energy pushing him out into the ocean. Oli began to sink and so he activated his tactical armour and used the Water mode. As he sunk he found Cameron's heropod!He swam over and opened the pod door. Cameron was in the pod but slowly drowning. Oli took him and swam him to dry land,behind some rocky cover. Oli then swam back down and went to a different location to Re-surface. He went right in front of where the villain was standing.And front flipped out Double kicking the Villain's face. He then layed over the Villain and tore out the quaza spikes, and the Villain turned back into a hero. He had a nameplate that Read Hammer. He had been hearing overe the radio waves this guy had been missing and reported his find to Hero Factory. They then sent a Dropship to pick up all three heroes.

Mission:Destruction Squad

Unlike Oli's last mission this mission took him to a cold unnamed planet faraway from Makuhero City. On this mission he was teamed with Owen Fireblast and Daisy LaserStorm. His TA had been removed and he had been made smaller. They found the Destruction Squad climbing a mountain and so they landed in a cave round the side of the mountain and climbed it too. When they reached the top so did the villains and the two teams were suddenly locked in combat. Oli found him self face-to-face with a villain named Omega, who was taller then Oli. Oli repelled Omega's blasts but soon found himself in fist to fist combat with the villain. Omega soon gained the upperhand and Oli lay on the floor helpless as he watched Omega assist Alpha by ripping out Daisy's Stomach wiring. After Oli finally got up Owen pushed him out of the way as he ran to the HeroCraft. At he time Oli had no idea what was happening until he saw the Herocraft rising and activating its warpthrusters. In the cockpit was Owen, who didnt even look back as he entered Warpspace. Oli then found himself being beaten down by Alpha,Delta and Omega...


Oli woke up in a lab. He was surrounded by Alpha,Delta and Omega and he was clad in Gunmetal Grey armor. The weird thing was there were no restraints keeping him down. He also found his Repellers on a table next to him. As he reached out for the guns Alpha spoke. Telling him he can destroy them all now or join them. Alpha then told him it had been 2 years and Hero Factory assumed Oli was dead. He then said that if he destroyed them he would remain with hero factory and the hero factory betrayed him. Omega then told Oli Hero Factory had betrayed all three members of Destruction Squad when they were heroes. Oli soon remembered Owen's actions and he began to feel angry. He soon cooled off once he remembered he was made to be a hero. Delta then spoke up and told Oli hero factory had told him that and it wasnt true as all heroes have a choice. Oli went quiet for five minutes and then said to Alpha:

"Where do I start?"

Brown Villains Acceptance Mission

Oli's first mission as a villain was to acquire some special technology. If he got what was needed he would become a proper member of destruction squad. He snuck into the base where the weapon was being held. He soon found the Vault being guarded by 2 guards whom Oli could not take on. Then he heard light footsteps and crept towards their origin. He saw a worker with a Heropad and got an idea. He snuck up on the worker and stabbed him in the back with his knife and took the pad. He soon found what he was looking for and waited for the right moment. Shortly after the guards began to change shifts and Oli used his active camo to sneak up to the key card slot. He placed in the heropad and the door opened allowing him access. There was what he had been sent for. The T-7 Railgun. After he acquired the Cannon he activated it and blew an enormous hole in the vault door, eliminating both guards in the process. He soon was shooting his way through to the command center where he could what he was also sent to do. He used a combo of his new Railgun and his knife to clear the center where he deactivated the COM beacon and hacked the mainframe to allow him to take control of the orbital defense stations and shut them down allowing the rest of Destruction team to destroy all heroes on the planet.

Soon after being taken onboard the Team's ship Alpha began a ceremony accepting Oli into the Team.Once it was done Oli was gone and Epsilon had taken his place...

First Mission


Weapons and Gear

Oli is equipped with a jetpack and feetjets. This allows him fast flight in almost any envioment, even space but not underwater, the water cools down the plasma charge they use and his speed is GREATLY reduced. On his chest is a TA(Tactical Armour) that has a built in Tracker, a map of the planet which he can zoom in on, a Long Range Transmitter and a plan section. This section allows him to create a plan and then give his teammates a picture of exact copy of his plan. It also allows him to change his armour strength and stuff like that. The modes the armour can take on are: Underwater mode, Arctic Mode,mDeep Freeze mode, Stealth Mode and Heavy armour Mode. He also has 2 Shock cores. These cores are launched from the user and then lock-on to their target. Once the target is found it will latch on and release a massive amount of electricity onto the victim shocking them into uncounscioussness. These can be found on his back on the jetpack. He also has 2 Repellers. These weapons work like so:

The user has an Energy Drainer on each hand. These drainers drain things like Electricity and plasma. When Energy hits the hands E.G. plasma from a plasma cannon the drainers take the energy and then the hands turn into cannons and shoot the energy back.


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