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Alexander Backbiterpic

Alex Backbiter, leader of Omega 5

Hero45 presents- Omega 5 Team

The Omega 5 Team originally had six rogue heroes in it untill the rogues were defeated. Alexander Backbiter, Tony Spark, and several other rookies were assigned to the team. The leader was killed on a mission and Backbiter became leader.

After Tony Spark was killed on a mission and Percy Switchblade went rogue, Keegan Accidonn and Matthew Fireblast joined Omega 5.

Percy Switchblade became a dangerous crook and was killed by his gang leader, Thunder.

After Spark's death

After Tony Spark died, Keegan Accidonn and Matthew Fireblast joined the team. They completed lots of investigations and captured small-time crooks. Spark's death had decreased the level of motivation in the team, so missions turned into failures. The heroes felt that they couldnt amount to anything anymore, so they wanted to resign, but then the breakout came, and the team was seperated. Backbiter said that while they were seperated, they needed to get their act together. And thats exactly what they did. They captured their crooks and came back to Hero Factory. Backbiter was last to come back, as he accidently provoked a space dragon, and Hero Factory called him back to defend against the brains. He arrived right after the brains were defeated. 

After Brain Attack, Omega 5 got a new member of the team, rookie hero Max Mercury. He failed Hero Recon Training and is now part of Omega 5.


These are the heroes Backbiter now leads:

  • Keegan Acidonn
  • Donald Starbeam
  • Jason Firehawk
  • Natalie Cheez 

Max Mercury

These are the former members of Omega 5 Team:

Matthew Fireblast (Dead)

Tony Spark (Dead)

Percy Switchblade (Rogue)

John Iceblast (Now retired)

Tony Spark was killed on a mission, and Percy Switchblade went rogue. The heroes to fill their positions were Keegan Acidonn and Matthew Fireblast. Fireblast was murdered during the Massacure on Main Street.

John Iceblast retired.