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The team Omnicrón-501 was created specifically to oversee the activity of one of its members: Ethan Shadow, who was assumed to be working with corrupted Quaza. He had an unusual but logical excessive of aggressivenessand it was not very convenient to let him go alone.


Thomas Burstone

Thomas Busrtone 2.0

Thomas Burstone 2.0

He is the team leader.

He is a wise veteran and a good strategist. His loyalty is unrivaled. He knows his mission and is ready to hold off Ethan, no matter what.

He is equipped with a Ice MultiTool Shield.

Steve Thunder

Steve Thunder 2.0

Steve Thunder 2.0

He is the medical officer of the team.

He is a great joker rookie, and ready for do his work to any cost. He is a little vied with Ethan, but is able to work together with him if it's necessary (the problem is that Ethan will not).

He is Equipped with a medical kit, a Shocker Blade, and a MultiTool Electric Shield.

Amy Viper

Amy Viper 2.0

Amy Viper 2.0

She is the scout of the team and the "twin sister" of Steve.

She is very stealthy, but that does not make bad fighter at all. In fact, she might be the most skilled of all in combat. But, otherwise, she has a very big heart.

She is equipped with a Dual Viperblades.

Ethan Shadow

Ethan Shadow 2.0

Ethan Shadow 2.0

He seems to be the weapons specialist, but he is actually "the victim".

The team was maded to watch his activity, because he works with corrupted Quaza. He is very aggressive, associable, and he refuses to work as a team. No one trust him, or that is what he thinks.

He is equipped with a MultiTool Shadow Shield, when there is no other weapon to build or steal from his enemies.