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Operation: Pulse was an attempt by ScrapHeap to destroy the Hero Factory

Which was activating his hidden Drone Army in Makuhero City. He had to plan the Operation carefully and thought he did everything right, apart from letting the survaillence team live who then moved in and placed a TimeWarp on the laser, giving hero factory 10 minutes to make the new wreckers instead of 1 minute. This plan also had a fail safe backup.

Operation plan

For the Operation to Work

Multiple tasks were required to be completed for the operation to be a success.

Here is a list to show what had to be done:

  • The Sword was need to be used as an activation laser. 
  • The third squad of The Wreckers must be killed. 
  • The Drone Army needed to be placed in Makuhero City. 
  • The 4 cores of Yalxa. were needed in a liquid form and combined with Quaza. 

For the Fail Safe:

  • The Pole
  • The Pulse Satellite to be online and in orbit. 


Like most villainous plans this one needed years of planning before being ready to be used so it can be executed near perfectly.After Scrapheap finished this planning he began to set his plan in motion,by acquiring the superpowered 'Sword' created by the 'Shadow hands' group.Soon after he began to use his newfound weapon in secret to acquire the 4 cores of the planet Yalxa.While doing so he covered this up by sending a drone replica of himself around,causing crimes using a phony 'Sword' (Which was much less powerful then it's proper counterpart)

After successfully stealing these 4 cores he destroyed his drone as well as the planet itself,after becoming unstable without it's cores.Soon after this he had 'The shadow hands' assemble a drone army for him by using an alternate persona to manipulate them into making them for him.

Using the same persona he tricked a supplier to place his drone army into the underworld of Makuhero city,waiting to be activated.Finally his plan was near complete and he began his assault,by using the sword's energies to power the activation beam that would start up his army.Soon with one minute left until the countdown the hero factory had a timewarp dropped onto the laser emitter,giving the factory enough time to create 3 battle-ready heroes,with the weaponry capable of stopping his plan.After a succesful last stand the heroes stopped his initial plan only for him to begin his backup via usage of the pole.Using last second thinking the new team's leader Oli Death managed to get rid of the pole,before it could finish it's countdown.


In the aftermath of the Operation, the 4th wrecker team was commended and ScrapHeap was imprisoned.

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