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Type Terrestrial
Location Mutter's Spiral
Solar System Corellia System
Sun Corellia
Moons 3
Rotation Period 21 Hours
Orbital Period 327 Days
Orbital Position 5
  • 71% Nitrogen
  • 27% Oxygen
  • 2% Methane
Climate Mid-Ice Age
Native Species None

The Planet Orcus was a terrestrial body that orbited in the Corellia System. It was the fifth planet in its Solar System and was known to have been in an ice-age since its discovery.


Due to the fact that Orcus has been in the midst of an ice-age for centuries, no intelligent life forms have been able to adapt on the frozen planet, although a number of Hero Factory scientists believe that there could be marine life living beneath the ice.
Currently, there are numerous claims that the planet is uninhabitable and that it is simply too cold to sustain any form of life.
Orcus surface 01

Orcus' surface at daytime

Hero Factory

Due to scientific debate regarding the possibility of intelligent life existing on the planet, the Hero Factory established an outpost on the planet's equator and assigned Jaret Tracer to oversee the planet's development. Further actions taken by this hero are currently classified, although Bonecrusher was known to have been spotted on the surface.