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Orcus Base One
Orcus Base
Type Hero Factory Outpost
Location Orcus
Inhabitants Heroes
Appearances Dance in the Flames
"It was tall and peaked, constructed entirely from the hard, cold sheets of thick metal. It dominated the bleak landscape, dwarfing the bleak rocks which protruded out of the snow and contrasting the blank snowy-sprawl. Partly forbidding, partly just plain weird. As they struggled on through the snow Breacher examined the advancing structure in greater detail. It had a solid, dry and smooth exterior. Altogether, the whole place was a neat, crisp, exact piece of construction. Well designed, well engineered, well built. Ideal for its intended purpose:
Dance in the Flames, Narrator.

Orcus Base One was a Hero Factory Outpost on Orcus.



The base was initially constructed by a hero named Jaret Tracer with the aid of a number of construction-bots. Following the bases's completion, Tracer took up residence inside and the bots left the planet.
Tracer then started his study of overseeing the planet's gradual development, to see if it was suitable for life to be supported and to provide evidence for scientific debate involving the planet.


Name Role Status
Jennifer Sharp First-in-Command Active
Samuel Clank Second-in-Command Active
Patrick Gust Junior Technician Active
Jaret Tracer Senior Technician Active
Jack Breacher Officer Active