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Patrick Gust
2.0 Gust 01
Patrick Gust

Delta 4


Multi-Tool Ice Shield





"I intended to live forever. Until now, I was on track..."
―Gust's thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness at the hands of Bonecrusher, Dance in the Flames

Patrick Gust was an eager rookie, the youngest member of the Delta 4 Hero team.



Like all other Heroes, Patrick Gust came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. Following his activation he was integrated into the Delta 4 hero team, where he would receive training from the Elite members of the group. Some time before this, however, Jay Ratchet was also integrated into the team.

Patrick Gust01

Integrations of the Rookies

Having been created with the upgrade, Gust was not given as much attention as the two previous rookies. Sam Clank, in particular, did not show as much enthusiasm in training the team's youngest rookie as he had with Jay Ratchet. Gust's training became the responsibility of the team's mission manager, Patrick Zire as a result. The rookie was harshly disciplined but still went on to become head-strong and arrogant as a result, taking his teachings for granted and often arguing with his trainer.


More recently, Gust was sent on a mission to the planet Orcus following confirmed sightings of a notorious criminal known as Bonecrusher by an unnamed Hero in a Hero Factory outpost on the icy world. Gust accompanied Jenny Sharp and Sam Clank - the two longest serving veteran heroes of the team - to the planet in order to capture the Aurosian.

However, while scouting the area around the Hero Factory outpost, Gust was ambushed by Bonecrusher only to find that his Ice Spear Shooter had no effect on the criminal. Consequently, Gust was nearly killed by the Aurosian and was paralysed by his modified Meteor Blaster.

Abilities and Traits

M1 punch shield DitF

"Yes, that's right. Punch my tiny shield!"

Created with the upgrade, Gust was one of the first Heroes to adjust to his brand-new body, and was equipped with considerable flexibility and hypersensitivity.

However, his eagerness and lack of evaluation has often landed the young rookie in danger. Gust was impatient and desperate to prove himself to his team mates. As his fellow rookie, Jay Ratchet, had been upgraded to Elite status, Gust felt pressured to compete with him, being the team's only current rookie. He was also greatly overconfident and unaccustomed to the Hero Factory's safety protocols, something that Patrick Zire - his mission manager - often criticized him about. For this reason, he is usually ignored by his fellow heroes and is seen as the team's new rookie.


Gust wielded a Multi-Tool Ice Shield as his primary weapon, which doubles up as a pincer for handling small mechanical components. Additionally, Gust's weapon is fitted with a small Geiger counter, thermometer, and the latest proximity scanners.

His headgear also included scanning capabilities, which are enhanced by his subconscious Echolocation skills, allowing him to detect a target more easily in low visibility.


Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Toughness: 3
Mind: 6


  • Initially, Gust was going to be colored orange instead of yellow.
  • Gust was named in honor of his mission manager, Patrick Zire.


Picture Form Description
Patrick Gust02 Gust's original form Gust's first known form, which was used by him following the Upgrade.


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