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The Patrol Team Program is an experimental program created when the Hero Factory realized there were planets and sectors in the galaxy that did not have a way to contact the Hero Factory in emergencies. The Patrol Teams were created to patrol these areas almost constantly, keeping the locals safe and reporting anything of interest to the Hero Factory HQ.


Originally made up entirely of former Recon Team members, the first Patrol Team was assigned a sector of the galaxy to patrol. After a few months, the team saw a number of successful missions accomplished in situations the Hero Factory would have been totally unaware of without their reports.

Over the last few years, the purpose of the Hero Factory Patrol Team has varied considerably. With more and more planets discovering the existence of the Hero Factory, the purpose of the Patrol Team was for a time almost constantly changing.

The Patrol Team was nearly disbanded, and the program completely abandoned, when the Hero Factory realized a need for Hero teams to "keep an eye" on certain sectors that are too far away for Heroes to quickly arrive in an emergency.

With the Patrol Team Program revived, HFHQ quickly began to implement it. By dividing up the single Patrol Team and enlisting more former Recon Team members, the Patrol Team Program grew from one team of six, to six teams of six, with a total of 36 members overall.

Designated the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Patrol Teams, respectively, each team saw action not unlike what the original team had experienced years ago in their assigned sectors.

With the growing need for quick-response teams in the galaxy, the number of active Patrol Teams has tripled, with approximately 100 members overall. Each team has adapted to the need of it's local area, and the size of each team can vary anywhere from 3 to 9 members. Some sectors are even patrolled by only one or two Heroes, although not as an official team, they're still considered part of the Program.

Notable Patrol Teams

The 19th Patrol Team

One of the largest Patrol Teams, the members of the 19th serve as guardians and first-responders in the sector known as Wiki Metru.
Not much else is known about them, including the exact number of team members, as that information is generally kept confidential for anyone not involved in the Program. What is known is that rookies often join the team temporarily to gain experience before being reassigned where they're needed.

Only two members of the 19th are well-known public Heroes in the Wiki Metru sector: Anthony Vision and Gary Walker. Each having served together on the same team since the 19th Patrol Team was first formed, both members are often seen in the public on rescue and scouting missions.

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