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Penitentiary 1331
Position Tantalus V
Status Destroyed

Penitentiary 1331 is a high security prison on Tantalus 5.


Core Crisis

While it was still under construction, Penitentiary 1331 was attacked by Corroder. Natalie Breez evacuated the workers in a Hero Craft, while Mark Surge, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer fought Corroder.

Early in the fight, Bulk was pinned by some steel griders and coudn't be freed. Stringer distracted Corroder while Surge tried to free Bulk.

William Furno was launched in a Hero Pod to help ,but neither him or Breez would make it in time. In desperation, Bulk, Stringer and Surge made a Hero Cell to protect them from Corroder's acid.

Furno arrived and attacked Corroder, ejecting from his pod after setting it on a collision course for Corroder. Corroder was expecting Furno to exit the pod instead of attacking him from behind. The battle raged between Furno and Corroder until Furno was hit by an acid blast while in the middle of a flying kick.

Furno was saved by his acid proof armour, and Corroder retreated at Furno's bluff that a fresh squad of Heroes had arrived.


The Prison was placed under the command of Veteran Hero Takua Nuva. Its history was uneventful until the Breakout, when it was used to hold captured villains while Villain Storage was under construction.

One of the villains brought in was Jag Nearix, a Zaxinian Bounty Hunter. Jag seemed convinced that the Galaxy was in grave peril, and managed to convince Nuva to let him go.

Nuva was releived of his post for this, and Sara Lynx was given command. Lynx commanded the prison until it's destruction at the hands of the Gith.

Vridle's Task

The storage will play a large role in "Vridle's Task"



  • Penitentiary 1331 was one of the many Prisons to be destroyed during the Gith invasion.

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