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Pentafrax 7-4
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Pentafrax 7-4 is the fourth planet away from its sun, Pentafrax 7. This planet is a giant military base, and is instrumental for keeping the Pentafrax 5, 6, 7, and 8 systems peaceful.


  • Pentafrax 7-4 appears in all four book of Dreams Quartet. However, it is importatn to remember that in the third book, the members of the Imperiads and Civicry have been reversed.
  • The planet is known as "Pentafrax 7-4" because is it in hte Pentafrax galaxy, in the 7th solar system, and the 4th farthest away from its sun.


Pre-civilization, recent history, overview

Pentafrax 7-4 was once a rocky planet, much like Mars, except much warmer. However, like Mars, it was completly uninhabited.

Due to its strategic location, it was terraformed several decades before.

Giant, hulking machines pumped oxygen into the atmosphere, while pioneer species were brought in by bio-ships. Pentafrax 7-4 was able to sustain life in a matter of weeks.

Now, the planet is divided into two sections. The Civicry, and the Imperiads.

The planet is a rich one, and many businesses, especially weapons factories, research firms, and banks make their home here.

Two worlds

One world, two factions. 10.2 billion people not liking each other. Pentafrax 7-4 may keep the peace around it, and in other systems, but it certainly can`t keep the peace within itself.

Humans and biomechanical beings live alongside here, but they really don;t like each other. Since the humans created the biomechanical beings, they see themselves as superior.

The Humans call themselves the Imperiads. Robots, the Civicry.

It all blows over, because of a dream.

After Dreams Quartet

In the end, the humans and robots achieve an uneasy peace, with both sides contributing to the planet's military. The humans and robots continue to use Royal Imperiad Army as the primary defence force. The Humans supply about 55% of the forces, while the robots, 45%.

Dreams Quartet

In Dreams Quartet, the roles are reversed. The robots, the Imperiads, have taken control of the government, known at the Prime.

Humans fight for their freedom and survival. They are the Civicry, oppressed by the massive number of robots they once created.

The rest is told in Book III: Refulfillment of Dreams Quartet.


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