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Gang of The Terrible Three


Phantom Axe, Tentacles, Fangs




In the Dark Void Dimension

Phantomex or Zscaxinem'ich Grtanhamterark (Phaersapiens name) is a criminal that comes from a faraway dimension.


Phantomex comes from the Dark Void Dimension. 800 years ago he discovered the Hero Factory Universe and he tried to create chaos. Hero Factory arrested him, but he escaped using his intangibility powers. A few centuries ago, he allied with Xajin and Gharx to form the Gang of The Terrible Three.

The Phaersapiens

Phantomex is a member of the most strange race in the Universe: The Phaersapiens. They are ghost-like creatures that have many powers, like intangibility that permits to them to go across objects. They can also reconstuct their body from a single part. Their weakness is the total vulnerability to the light, that can kill them.


Phantomex possesses the Phantom Axe, a special weapon that can shoot energy beams and cut every material. Phantomex has weapons like the thorns and the tentacles on his body, enabling him to frighten enemies.

The power of Phantomex is greatest when he is in total darkness. When he's exposed to the light, he prefers to generate a biosynthetic skin coating which will protect him from light and heat.


Strength: 8
Agility: 7
Toughness: 5
Mind: 9