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Phred is a infant Jumper that continually plots to conquer the world. He never succeeds, though.


'Lil Phred wasn't always called "Phred". If you ask any other Jumper or indeed any of the larger beasts, they'd just call him "Runt". Phred was once a baby jumper under the influence of his mother, the Queen Beast. After her defeat, he was one of the survivors of the Hero Factory's purging of his species.

Ever since his birth, he showed remarkable intelligence despite his tender age. In the short time he served underneath the Queen, he acted as a tactician, of sorts, and tried to determine the most effective ways of taking over Antropolis.

Following the Alpha Team's triumph of the Queen, Phred deemed it approriate to set his sights on a more worthy target: Makuhero City. He latched ot the underside of the first freighter headed towards his destination.


Weaponry Detail

  • Teeth: Though young, Phred already has two out of the four rows Jumper possess. Razor sharp, they can tear through almost all organic matter.

Known Moveset







  • Phred is named after a character from the Flash game series "Riddle School". The two characters share no other similarities.



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