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Planetoid 465
Saturne du 22 mai 2007
Position Quatros System
Size 789 Km in diameter
Status Stable

Planetoid 465 (commonly referred to as P-465) is an artificial planetoid located in the Quatros System.


Planetoid 465 was created by engineers from The Factory a few years after the formation of the crime fighting organization. It was made for the sole purpose of housing a second Factory, which was completed soon after the construction of the planetoid itself. To house the hundreds of workers necessary for the Factory to function, Alumni City was created. The city is only about half the size of Triton City, the more remote location of the planetoid decreasing the rate of immigration.

So far the planetoid's defenses have never bee breached, an the rate of crime is quite low. The absence of natural materials on the surface has prevented trade of any sort from starting, despite various attempts to export manufactured products. The barren surface of the planetoid and the absence of an atmosphere outside of Alumni City's dome has made agriculture impossible except in greenhouses, and the majority of the planetoid is uninhabited.

Notable Locations

  • Alumni City
    • Factory II


  • Various Civilians
  • A permanently based Hero Team of unknown designation