Plasma Bow contains canon Hero Factory information.

This article contains canon information but has fanon information added to it. The canon version of this page can be viewed here.

The Plasma Bow is a common weapon weilded by various Heroes of the many Hero Factory Upgrades.


The Plasma Bow is able to fire a direct, thin wave of plasma at an opponent. The Bow can also be used as a double-bladed tool (though if it were only a double-bladed tool, then it wouldn't have the plasma element).

Example Usage

Known Users


  • The Plasma Bow is often confused as a kind of blade, even though it is. In other words, it is confused as simply being a blade and nothing else. There are ways to modify the weapon to make it have a bow-like appearence ... but in the current case, it is most likely designed like that in order to scare off the enemy.

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