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Povak 3.0
Ranged Weaponry Chaingun
Melee Weaponry Spacial Staff
Guns None
General Information
Affiliation Shadow Titan, Overlord
Color(s) Black, Red, Gunmetal
Current Status Immortal
Location Unknown
Misc. Information
Alias(es) None
Other Equipment None
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Povak is a Shadow Titan overlord.


Povak used to be a normal mining bot who collected minerals such as trancidium. Povak soon learned how to control the minerals to make himself powerful. After a great war with Hero Factory, he was defeated and turned into a pillar. Soon after, Tarix freed him and the rest of the overlords. Once the Shadow Titans were created, Povak lead them and caused havoc all over the universe.


Povak is light-tempered, and is merciful at most times. He does not kill enemies unless they are a threat to his plans. Povak can teleport place to place. He can seek out enemies by teleporting; no one gets away.


(Out of 1,000,000)

Strength: 500
Agility: 100
Toughness: 250
Mind: 1,000,000


  • Povak is my self-moc.

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