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Prazz is a rookie hero on Boost Team. He is very skilled in most basic hero tactics and has learned from some of the best.


Prazz was built in the assembly tower like any other hero, and was born with the 2.0 upgrade. He was put into armor testing and worked on numerous upgrade add-ons, including the animal gear of the 3.0 heroes. Eventually, he had his own moment to shine when he took down villains Splitface and Looru on his own. After a malfunction in a hangar during the Quatros mission, Prazz was helped out by Nick Boost and Phillip Dart, who later on became his teammates. He now travels with Boost and his fellow heroes on numerous missions.


Prazz was assigned to fight his old rival Looru. His intentions of catching the villain were fierce as the two had been rivals since their first encounter.

Abilities and Appearance

His main color scheme consists of black and white, and he even represented the panda bear with his 3.0 gear. With that gear, he gained the animal powers of swift movement and higher functioning memory/mind. For the breakout, Prazz learned the ways of the ninja as he became stronger, faster, and better at stealth tactics.


Prazz is quite mild mannered and caring. He often will stop during missions to ensure civilians are secure and innocents are safe.Over time, Prazz has come to love nature, as it was his worst fear in his early days.


Prazz carries an ice spear blaster to catch enemies off guard, and a three pronged claw for strong attacks. Later on, he used a platinum katana blade to take down enemies during the breakout. He also had his claw fused to his arm along with a single dart launcher that fired multiple projectiles like grappling hooks, spears, and even knives.


Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 17
Agility: 22
Toughness: 18
Mind: 19


  • Prazz has no first name because others gradually forgot (unlike heroes like Stormer and Furno)
  • Prazz believes in the existence of another Hero Factory-like organization elsewhere in the universe
  • Although he is a rookie, Prazz likes to hang out with veteran heroes
  • Prazz is haunted by the idea of villains breaking out for revenge on Hero Factory, more specifically him
  • For some odd reason, Prazz insisted on keeping his animal helmet during the breakout