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Preston Stormer
Stormer 1.0 Profile
Preston Stormer
Affiliation Alpha 1
Weapons Multiple
Status Active
Location Makuhero City

Preston Stormer is a veteran Hero and leader of the Alpha Team. Widely respected as the figurehead of the Hero Factory, his career is arguably the most accomplished in the organization's history, with his notable success capturing Von Nebula.


Early Career

One of the earliest known Heroes to be manufactured by the Hero Factory, Stormer came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City, based off of schematics designed by Akiyama Makuro. Trained alongside Von Ness, the two young Heroes were assigned to Alpha Team, operating under a hero named Thresher.

During this time, Stormer was known to have studied under Aldous Witch, an instructor commissioned by the Hero factory to teach astrology and architectural geology. Catching his instructor undergoing an illegal experiment to infuse himself with raw Quaza, Stormer reported the incident to Thresher and detained the instructor, ultimately causing the professor to be dismissed from his position.

Responding to a distress call emanating from Stellac City, Stormer and Von Ness would later accompany Thresher to the distant planetary metropolis only to be ambushed by a heavily-weaponized mechanoid. Taking the drone's fire to defend the rookies, Thresher received a severe injury that debilitated his systems. Attempting to draw the mechanoid's fire to allow his teammate to escape with Thresher, Stormer was swiftly betrayed by Von Ness, who fled the scene in the Hero Factory Dropship without Thresher. With no choice but to let his teammate escape, Stormer successfully deactivated the drone and managed to return Thresher to the Assembly Tower before his injuries became lethal, saving Stellac City in the process.

With Thresher retiring soon after the ordeal, Stormer took on the role of Alpha Leader, with Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk supplementing his Hero team. Training together in the years after Thresher's departure, all three members of Alpha Team were known to have earned veteran status, making them the most prominent Hero team in active duty.

During his period, Stormer was known to have developed an unsavory reputation as a trainer, necessitating that all rookies under his command must exceed standard performance expectations and riding new recruits especially hard during training. Following an incident in which Core Hunter stole the Hero Core of one such rookie Hero, Stormer became notoriously hard to please.

Von Nebula's Revenge

Several years into his career as Alpha Leader, Stormer and his cohorts were assigned three new rookie Heroes to their unit: Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and William Furno. While Breez and Surge would come to prove themselves as worthwhile additions to the team, Stormer took a particular interest in Furno, the most reckless and impulsive of the three rookies.

Acting as part of an armed escort for a shipment of C-4000 on Merak 9 several months later, Stormer and his team were ambushed by XPlode and Rotor, two notorious galactic bandits. Engaging XPlode directly, Stormer was able to fend off the criminal while Bulk and Stringer contained Rotor. Offering Furno the opportunity to apply the Hero Cuffs, Stormer was sorely disappointed when Rotor escaped before the young hero could apprehend him.

Accompanying Furno, Surge and Breez on a training exercise, Stormer's unit was dispatched to the neighboring system of Lemus 2 several hours later, responding to another raid on an explosive munitions factory by Rotor and XPlode. Drawing the fire away from the rookies, Stormer took a direct hit and was incapacitated, leaving Furno to lead a successful recovery operation and ultimately recapture Rotor.

Several days later, Alpha Team was assaulted by Corroder whilst overseeing the construction of Penitentiary 1331. Confined to the Assembly Tower and unauthorized for deployment without a full Hero Core recharge, Stormer directed the mission from the Hero Factory Command Center, remarking Furno's tactical competence whilst directing Bulk, Stringer and Surge.

An unclear number of solar cycles later, Stormer accompanied Furno, Breez, and Surge on a training exercise under his instruction. Allowing Furno to pilot his Dropship, Stormer expressed his displeasure over a recent advertising campaign that had used his likeness to endorse an energy drink. Receiving a distress beacon originating from the Mekronite Planetary Belt, Stormer resumed control and landed the Dropship outside the Mekron City police station, noting that the planetoid had gone into lockdown mode following a red alert. Venturing inside, Stormer scouted ahead and encountered Chief Drax of the Mekron City police department. With the chief growing uncharacteristically confrontational and increasingly unwilling to cooperate, Stormer detained him only for Meltdown and a legion of attack drones to ambush the precinct.

days later even though Stormer thought that he shouldn't do so, and he later helped Stormer become his normal-self due to an infection from Meltdown. Furno and Stormer later battled Von Nebula in his "lair" as Natalie Breez, Mark Surge, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk battled Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder and XPlode. Stormer snatched his Black Hole Orb Staff and sucked him into it, which caused his lair to begin to collapse into itself. Furno and Stormer just barely escaped, and Stormer brought the staff to the Hero Factory for safekeeping.

Ordeal of Fire

Stormer later lead Furno, Surge and Breez into battle against the Fire Lord, Jetbug, Nitroblast and Drilldozer at Tanker Station 22, while they were in their 1.0 forms. However, they were forced to retreat as Surge sacrificed himself to make the Villains back down, to which he failed. Furno pleaded to Stormer to go back for him - yet Stormer said no, and that what he was doing was right. Back at the Hero Factory, Stormer, Furno and Breez were upgraded into 2.0 forms, and they returned to the station to battle the Villains. Julius Nex and Nathan Evo arrived briefly after hearing their call for reinforcements. Breez hero-cuffed Drilldozer, while Evo and Nex hero-cuffed Nitroblast. The Fire Lord retreated into a steel structure full of hero fuel cells, which the Fire Lord began draining. Stormer had everyone open fire on him, which did no good until Surge had taken over Jetbug's ship and flown it down toward the Fire Lord, managing to dismantle his hand with it. The Fire Lord and Jetbug were than captured, and Surge was upgraded into a 2.0 form as well.

Savage Planet

On his most recent mission, along with Bulk and Stringer returning from another mission, Stormer heads to Quatros, also accompanied by Furno and Nex to attempt finding their stranded ally Rocka. However, the evil Witch Doctor (Stormer's ancient professer) is awaiting there. After an upgrade to his current 3.0 armory, he and the Alpha Team went to the jungle planet Quatros. There, they found Rocka, and while searching for the Witch Doctor they fought Fangz, Raw-Jaw, Waspix and Scorpio creatures. They managed to destroy their corrupted Quaza Spikes, which turned them back into average creatures, allowing a Scorpio to aid Stormer in battling the Witch Doctor (yet only briefly). Since Stormer couldn't battle him alone, Furno and Nex found XL armor for Rocka, which allowed him to fight the Witch Doctor. Stormer statched his staff (just like he did with Von Nebula's) and destroyed it (unlike what he did with Von Nebula's). Upon capturing him, Stormer and the other Heroes return to Makuhero City, and they're currently awaiting their next mission.

Hero Factory Alternative Storyline

He and Kelvin Bronze were send on a mission unknown. He had, in this mission, didn't lose his teammates Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk. Afterwards, he had gave Bronze the status of full hero. When Akiyama later died, he took lead of the Hero Factory, remaining in this position for so far.

Hunting The Hunter

Stormer will appear in the upcoming story Hunting The Hunter.

The H Team

Shortly after the events of Chapter Two, Preston Stormer took two rookies on a mission designed to 'break them in' because he thought that actual experience trumps the Training Sphere. What was supposed to be a small peace-keeping mission turned into a deadly battle against Zobort, resulting in the two rookies' death and the lost of Stormer's arm. Though Stormer lived, he was beaten savagely and he almost died. He is currently in the ER for healing. He was never told about the rookies so that he doesn't have a mental breakdown over the loss of more rookies. Professor Nathaniel Zib believes that these deaths will hit him harder than any other rookie deaths he faced, as it was his idea to take them out, not a mission. Also, since it was an ambush and not a fight, he would blame himself that he escaped alive and his rookies did not.

Hero Factory Civil War

Stormer was the leader of his faction during the civil war. He fought through many battles to defeat his enemies. He was then merged with Nex and Furno to create NEXT.


Stormer was assigned to catch the villain Speeda Demon, and was upgraded into an XL hero. He pursued the villain on amodified variant of Furno's bike through the icy valley. In the end he was able to catch and cuff Speeda Demon, and returned to Hero Factory with the other heroes to confront Black Phantom.

Brain Attack


Millennial Shadow




Strength: 20
Agility: 20
Toughness: 20
Mind: 18


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