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Project Judgement
Headquarters The Purple Comet (Formerly)
Leader Maria Dinamis
Goal Maintain peace at all costs
Status Abandoned
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies Hero Factory

The Project Judgement was an illegal project conducted by a small faction within the Hero Recon Team, led by Dr. Maria Dinamis. The purpose of Project Judgement was to create a Hero Factory special forces unit composed of bioweapons and a standard of elite Heroes that could be deployed in war scenarios where the Hero Factory could not operate or could not openly intervene due to public image.


As the villains are defeated again and again, they start making disturbing technological advancements in order to build stronger minions and creatures of war, and the Hero Factory responded by starting their own research and developments in those fields.

Soon, a small faction within the Recon Team, led by Dr. Maria Dinamis, started the Project Judgement, and falsely indicated the program under Makuro's name. Then, the remote space station called The Purple Comet was adapted to be the headquarters of the project.

Recently, a group of mysterious creatures called Brains boarded the Purple Comet. Maria Dinamis took extreme interest in the creatures, assuming they had "limitless" potential. She planned to use the parasites as part of the Project Judgement, and one of the results was the mutant Brain Diguxx.

To keep her latest experiment a secret, Dinamis cut the station's communications with Akiyama Makuro and the Hero Factory Assembly Tower. Makuro, concerned on the station's status, sent the Hero Steve Victimus to investigate, and he discovered everything about Maria's experiments. Makuro agreed that the bioweapons stored in the station were too dangerous, so Victimus set the station to self-destruct. Only a few escaped the explosion.

After the cancellation of the project, Steve Victimus was given the task to hunt down Maria Dinamis and secure any witnesses of the Purple Comet's operations.



Dr. Maria Dinamis, Development Director of the Project Judgment.

The main result of Project Judgement were assasin robots called Judgement Units. Their creation is very detailed and expensive, and must be done perfectly by designers. As very complex robotic entities, they need the purest Quaza Cores to function.

The Judgement Units themselves are unaware of their 'living weapon' status. Makuro is interested in meeting with the surviving units to officially enroll them in the Hero Factory (and interrogate them about their creators, so he can get them arrested).

Known Experiments