Plasma Drill, Plasma blaster



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Psy-Clops made a deal with a "cloaked man" that he would give him love of his life. After he did, he gave him an  orb and put it in his eyeless eye socket which is what the cloaked man tolled him to do. It does work but it rarely does. Though the rest of his early life is unknown, at some point he joined the Millenial Shadow, a tyrannical group who is the most likely gang of villains to ever conquer Hero Factory in the future. He serves as bait in most of their missions and enjoys embarressing hero's dignity.

Millennial Shadow

He was just a normal sloldier and did not do much for the army.


He tends to act close to rat like and is very cuvvetus. He tries and spoils himself the best he can with money and enslavement of his allies. His psichick abilities unfortunately do not work very often so he is forever angry and bitter. He despises every one with a cloak do to the incident of the "cloaked man" which gives him a problem with his boss. He can burst out in rage at random citizens, his allies, and unfortunately, his boss.


Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Toughness: 4
Mind: 7


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