posessed hero
Affiliation Dark Heroes
Weapons claws
Status Alive
Location Dark Hero Factory

Puzzle-Brandex is Brandex inside Kevin Puzzle's body. He is an enemy of the Discarded Armor.


Puzzle-Brandex first begain as Brandex before he took over the body of Kevin Puzzle's body and what's left of Puzzle became known are Discarded Armor. Arfter there battle Puzzle-Brandex went of to bild the Dark Hero Factory and the Dark Heros. The Second in command of the Dark Hero Factory is Grandex, the first Dark Hero.

Atilities and Traits

He is super fast, and super strong. His claws are sharper then that of a Spider Shamus'.


Strength: Googolplex
Agility: Googolplex
Toughness: Googolplex
Mind: Googolplex



  • he was bassed off of Terra-Xeharort from a video game called kingdom hearts.

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