Pyrox contains canon Hero Factory information.
This article contains canon information but has fanon info added to it. Therefore, this article shouldn't be deleted, since this article also contains fanon info. The canon version of this page can be viewed here.

Zib Canon

Affiliation Brain Factory (Formerly), Himself
Weapons Claws
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Strength: 14
Agility: 14
Toughness: 16
Mind: 0

Pyrox is a Brain-controlled bull.


Brain Attack

Pyrox were once calm bull creatures that were well-known throughout the universe, although when the Brains began spreading out, the species was widely-infected and turned into a dangerous monster. However, Pyrox was only one of the many brain-controlled creatures to invade Makuhero City. The raid is currently being handled. They tend to callaborate with the Byrog species even after infection. There is a pyrox called Shanka and is powerful enough to go toe to toe with furno XL and walk away with a brain still stuck in his skull.


  • Flame staff
  • Horns
  • FIre Claw Paw
  • lava armor
  • yellow slime
  • fire breath


Prior to the infection, Pyrox was a docile creature. Now, the species is known as a firey, aggressive creature with a maniacal grin, willing to cause damage to anything that stands in its path.

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