Quadal contains canon Hero Factory information.
This article contains canon information but has fanon info added to it. Therefore, this article shouldn't be deleted, since this article also contains fanon info. The canon version of this page can be viewed here.

Zib Canon

Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Quadal is a robot that works with Professor Nathaniel Zib in Makuhero City


Quadal's origin's are unknown, but he was probably not made in the Assembly Tower as he is not a Hero. Quadal assists Nathaniel Zib by designing new armor and observing missions. More recently, he assisted in modifying the Heroes into their future Upgrades.


Quadal has at least four arms and only one eye. He talks with a language composed of beeps and boops (like R2-D2 from Star Wars).


Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies

The H Team (briefly)

Three to Tango (cameo)

The Heroine (mentioned only)

The Disappearance of Simon Mercuryfist - Part 6

The Disappearance of Simon Mercuryfist - Part 7

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