Quammog was a hero of air that lived 5,000 years ago. He fought the evil Proterus but died in the battle, while the Legacy Squadron killed Proterus.



Quammog was originally a Prototype Hero, the forerunners to all the other heroes. He was originally programmed to be a carefree and humorous hero, but something went wrong and he became extra serious. He often was angry with himself because of his many shortcomings, and the fact that his teammate Proterus was much more popular. He often tried to create robots using his high IQ, but someone inserted a glitch into them and they began attacking citizens.


Quammog was exiled, as it was believed he had inserted the glitch. He eventually shunned all living beings, and lived on the Dreeq Mesa. He discovered a valuable secret that would help the Legacy Squadron someday, but locked it away inside the mesa. He eventually learned of Proterus's treachery, and his murder of the rest of the Prototype Heroes. Quammog eventually learned of the Legacy Squadron's creation, and returned to Melen City to help them fight Proterus.

Rebellion against The Dynasty

Quammog's return was undetected by Proterus and his minions, and he met the Legacy Squadron at the Hemidrax Center, and told them how to defeat Proterus. Meanwhile, he had decided to join them to fight the corrupt hero. He and the squadron's leader, Raayk, fought and destroyed a Crush Loader on their way to the city center. The seven heroes then met Proterus, and began to battle.

The Final Battle

Quammog destroyed Sentron, one of Proterus's minions, but was unable to sense a blast of lightning from Proterus's fingertips. The blast stunned him, and Craat sliced through him with his Deezak Spear. Quammog died shortly after.