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Hero Dragon

Hero Factory


Dual Black Hole cannons, Wormhole claws, Plasma Breath




Near the Qwuyel Space Station

Quantum is the purple and black Hero Dragon paired to Collato Zenith.

Abilities and traits

Being a Hero Dragon, and a Nova Upgrade Dragon at that, his armor is extremely thick, capable of stopping practically all projectile and most energy-based weaponry, and, on one occasion, a small building. This is not as surprising as it sounds; Quantum was half the size of said building. The Upgrade (and yes, it does require a capital letter) has also amplified his Hero Core to the point that it, once charged, can generate enough energy to keep him running for up to three weeks nonstop.


He is very intelligent and, quite unlike Collato, rather friendly. This causes him to annoy Collato regularly, but, as Collato once put it, it's their mild dislike of each other, along with some grudging respect, that allows them to work so well.


While not as overloaded with tech as Collato, Quantum does sport some impressive weaponry: dual, side-mounted  cannons and wormhole-amplified claws. The cannons are relatively rapid-fire, allowing for some impressive, if somewhat difficult to control, displays of power. What these cannons actually fire is the subject of much debate in the criminal underworld. The answer? They can twist space-time in such a way that the end result is an arrow-shaped portal being fired at a criminal, which results in the atoms at the edge of the portal splitting, causing a minor (well, hopefully minor) nuclear explosion. Quantum's use of a firing range was not so much to ensure that he hit perpetrators, but to ensure that they could be asked questions afterwards.

The claws are a similar case, only somewhat refined. These have been specially adjusted so the portal expands or contracts slightly so as to avoid cutting an atom in half and instead simply cut the connections between atoms.


After being built, he quickly rose in rank, and soon, he and his paired hero, Collato Zenith, were approached by Mr Makuro about the Nova Upgrade. They accepted and became much more powerful. However, because of this, they were sent on particular missions just to keep them out of the public eye, so they could be, if neccesary, used as secret weapons.


Strength: 40
Agility: 39
Toughness: 38
Mind: 22


  • Gathering info about the lost civilization on Quatros.
  • His previous mission to Evriz V was to recapture some escaped villains.
  • As Quantum was rather too large for the place, he did not accompany Collato to the Qwuyel Space Station, although he is on standby nearby.