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Quatros, once referred to as being the Savage Planet due to its destructive nature, is a protected planet with a varied ecosystem. At one point, the planet was close to devastation, but this was prevented by the Hero Factory.


Quatros is a techno-organic planet, containing a lush, tropical jungle and lava fields. It has also been known to contain a large amount of Quaza. The natural Quaza is the life-blood of the planet. If all the Quaza is extracted, the planet will die, crumbling into floating chunks of earth. This threat nearly came to fruition, due to the crazed Witch Doctor and his sinister plans. Rocka, a Hero, was also lost here for a short period of time while looking for the Witch Doctor, formerly Aldous Witch.

Luckily, Preston Stormer, accompanied by Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, Julius Nex and William Furno, traveled to Quatros and battled the Waspix and Scorpio insects, as well as the Fangz and Raw-Jaw beasts.

After several dangerous skirmishes, the savage creatures' Corrupted Quaza Spikes were destroyed, allowing the life on the planet to be free from the Witch Doctor's hands. Finally, after the Witch Doctor battled Rocka XL, Stormer managed to destroy the his dark Skull Staff, the source of his powers, and allowing the other Heroes to Hero-Cuff him. The planet was saved as it's Quaza was released back into the planet's core, leaving life to flourish far into the future.