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Queen Beast
Ranged Weaponry Energy Blasts
Melee Weaponry Staff, Legs, Hands, Jaws, Wings
Guns None
General Information
Affiliation Herself
Color(s) Black, blue, yellow, red, grey
Current Status Deceased
Location Antropolis (formerly), Makuhero City (formerly), Cavern
Misc. Information
Alias(es) Treehugger, Ugly, Queen
Other Equipment None
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The Queen Beast is the mother of her species who appears in Hero Factory: Invasion From Below.

Before the construction workers of Antropolis uncovered the cavern, the Queen was busy making constructions of her own. She was making the cavern even larger, let alone tending to her cocoons. However, everything changed as the Heroes charged into the cavern. A battle ensued, with the Heroes making a last ditch attempt to drive the creature to the surface. Instead, she repelled them with her children, her warriors from Below. The Queen and her underdeveloped offspring headed deeper underground, leaving the Heroes (except Stormer, who she had a Crystal Beast abduct and take with her underground) stuck on the surface to devise a plan. Later, she was killed by the heroes when knocked back at her nest, which fell into the acid, effectively killing her and the species.


Maximum value of 30.

Strength: 30
Agility: 25
Toughness: 28
Mind: 30


  • Black Staff


  • She is the largest of her brethren.
  • It is unknown how she makes her children, as no King has been seen around.

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