Ancient Overlord


A Golden Mace



Quetacta is a supreme overlord in the Hero Factory Universe.


Quetacta's original history and his creation is currently unknown - but at one point, he did become evil and sinister. He was known as a cruel overlord that was determined to destroy an opponent consantly - But during a battle, he was slain by an unconfirmed warrior.

Resurrection on Planet Prodas

A group of around fifteen to twenty robotic beings had gathered inside of the tallest building on Planet Prodas an a suicidal attempt to resurrect Quetacta so that he would serve them as their weapon of mass destruction. The beings began to insanely make sacrifices, including each other and two Endak 4 heroes: David Tadis and Mike Nelly. They used their hero cores and energy chambers in one big group. After saying a historical prayer, the combined energies exploded - quickly bringing Quetacta back to life at the sound of Sacrificing Cruelly. Quetacta than fired a sonic boom blast that killed nearlly everyone in the room except Julia Tech and Noah Connor. Noah and Julia attracted Quetacta over to a massive black net, and he fell into it after being provoked by an energized boomerang. He plummeted to his death - but suddenly managed to regain flight. He flew out of the shining roof of the building, and it began to lurch. After the planet's population evacuated, the planet was destroyed by the building.

Quetacta is currently searching for his single vandalizing opponent.


  • Quetacta is based upon the ancient being named Quetzlzalcoatl (See image below).