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Racer 24
[[File:A road planet|250px|center]]
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Racer 24 is the twenty-fourth planet in the Racer System. Racer 24 is the location where the Great Race Nº 24 is held, and it has many roads on its surface.


Nexus's Rescue

At one point in time, the Delta Team 2 members were called to capture the former hero Nexus Beam, who had taken refuge on the planet. After landing, the team members used new vehicles, called Delta Bikes, to scout the city. During which, the Scout-- Mike Rustler-- was surprised by Nexus, who then stole Rustler's bike and used it to escape. The other heroes use a tracker on the bike to follow Nexus. One Hero, Jimi Missile, found Nexus and began to attack. Nexus and Missile then proceeded to fight using the bike's weapons. Nexus crashed into a car, and Missile handcuffed the renegade hero. Afterwards, the heroes left Racer 24.


Racer 24 is known to have too many roads, but the most important road crosses all the planet and enters all of its cities.

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