Hero Factory Special Ops 9


Supercharged ion electricity



The RailGun is a weapon used by various heros.


The RailGun was created when Jamie Thrust brought one back from a mission, where it was studied and modified. The hero factory Special Ops 9 took a large quantity of them whilst batteling the Screatures.Rail Guns are one of the most destructive weapons in the hero factory aresnal, capable of blasting a round straight through the toughsest of enime and metals.

How It works

The Railgun uses a high power E.M.P blast, focused through its front focuser. The Barrel is seprated into two parts an inch between each other. On the bottom/ top of each barrel section, there are electricity spark plugs. When the trigger is pulled , they electric-up and a magnetising round fires through them, catching the Electricity and charging the round.


  1. E.M.P Grenade launcher
  2. Duel wield Rail pistols
  3. Focus Rifle

Known Users

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