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Claws, Teeth, Tail, Spikes, Quaza Energy




1,000 years ago, a strange object sped towards Quatros. It crashed in the the temple, where Quaza began to mutate it.

The object was an egg. As soon as it hatched, the mutated creature inside it took knowledge from the Quaza. It grew in both size and strength. But evil brewed in its heart.

When the Quaza recognized the evil, it no longer would shelter the beast. It banished the creature into the forests of Quatros.

The creature named itself Ravage and began to search for shelter. He soon dug a burrow in a secluded part of the planet. Later, when Witch Doctor harvested Quaza from Quatros, the planet started to tear apart. The chunk of Quatros that contained Ravage's burrow flew into space with Ravage slumbering within.

Years after, some miners were unlucky enough to be searching on the asteroid for resources and awoke Ravage, who destroyed them all. Ravage stole thier ship and then flew of into the galaxy with this vow:

I will have revenge on Quaza.


  • Teeth- Incredibly sharp teeth.
  • Tail- Strong armored tail.
  • Spikes- Blades all along the body.
  • Claws- Clawed front hands.
  • Quaza energy- Extreme blasts of Quaza energy.


He holds a personal grudge against Quaza, and as such, has a hatred for the Heroes. He is strong, fast, and viscous.


  • This model stands aprox. 25" long.
  • Ravage is a mutated form of the mysterious species called Laser Dragon.