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Rellaj Sventura
Rellaj Sventura 2



Axe, Laser Baton, Claw-Hand


In a coma

Rellaj Sventura is a Hero without a team.


Rellaj is an unlucky Hero, who prefers to work alone so he doesn't hurt anyone. He is teamed up with Dart Team a lot. He once lost his left hand on a mission, and it was replaced with a claw. He was one of Incendium's victims when he was overcharging Heroes.

Abilities and Traits

Rellaj is known for his unfortunate luck. Despite this, he is a great fight. When overcharged his Core turns light green. Though usually coming off as dumb and a little slow, he is quite intelligent.


He uses an axe, Laser Baton, and a Claw-Hand.



  • He bears uncanny resemblance to Jaller.
  • Rellaj is Jaller backwards, and Sventura is Italian for misfortune.
    • His last was almost Seehroov
  • He is more of a running gag than an actual character, although he will have important roles.
  • The Rellaj seen in Overcharged is a prototype version.


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