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Remus Eclipse

the M.H.D.A, hero factory


Sniper rifle, concussion grenades




Makuero City

"If you guys want going to survive, you need me. There is no way you can survive another one of those without the extra man, okay?"
―Remus Eclipse

Remus Eclipse is an M.H.D.A operant and one of 8 survivors of the end of days.



When Remus was a very young hero, he was kidnapped. The kidnappers were the M.H.D.A, and everything about him was changed. His name, his memory, everything. He never saw himself, and no-one ever sees him. He became stressed because his brain was fighting the changes made, and he now could remember very brief fragments of his past life. One of these fragments was of him as a child, playing with a man and woman. This fragment was the one that depressed him the most, as he felt he knew the man and woman. Their identity has never been proved.


One day, Remus was teleported to Makuhero City to negotiate a deal for several RailGuns to be passed over to the M.H.D.A, along with some M.H.D.A officials. The deal was successful, but when one of the officials requested that the four people be teleported back to their base via telephone, a massive scream came out the receiver and a desperate shout of "Don't come back! Its Sam, he's been Infec- arghhh!". After that. the official relayed the horrid news to his comrades, and behind him a truck smashed into a building, and a massive hoard of Infected came charging towards them, moaning and screaming. The officials were all killed, only Remus survived. 


Due to Remus's background and being an M.H.D.A operant  which brings its own problems, Remus is a hero that is very quiet and keeps to himself. No-one, not even him has seen his face, further developing his 'mysterious' personality.