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Renegade was once a RIA officer, and is now the deputy leader of The Syndicate.

Renegade (1)
Status Active
Colours Black, Grey, Silver, Chrome, Yellow
Ranged Weaponry/Guns Wrist-mounted chaingun, shoulder-mounted chaingun
Melee Weaponry Retractable wristblade, lightning sword
Other equipment


Role The Deputy


Renegade is an ex-Royal Imperiad Army Terminator. The Terminators were an experimental type of soldier who's purpose was to shield other foot soldiers while dishing out punishing support fire. The Terminators proved to be too costly to manufacture, and all were scraped except for four models, who either escaped or were overlooked. Renegade is the last of the four. Renegade managed to escape by setting a hangar, two tanks, and several swordsmen on fire.

He later teamed up with the other three Terminators and they managed to avoid the RIA. This would last nearly 2 years. Over time, due to lack of maintenance, three of the Terminators became too damaged to function properly. Renegade himself was badly rusted and needed a new power core when he was found by Commando.

Since then, Renegade has been part of The Syndicate and lends his firepower and experience whenever possible.

Notable Weapons and Abilities

  • Lightning sword: This is the only weapon that Renegade was not issued as a Terminator. It is suspected that this blade was taken from a Hero that Renegade defeated, and then amplified. All suspicions aside, it is well known that nearly 8000 volts course along the edge of this blade.

Renegade was programmed with the incredible reflexes of all RIA soldiers. He is able to deflect bullets with his sword and wristblade, and has the unwavering focus and morale of any robot. However, he has been upgraded with several personality chips, and is capable of indepedant thought, and free will, to an extent.

Renegade is very capable with information technology, and has been programmed to pilot any land vehicle.

Lastly, being an ex-RIA member, Renegade has access to all tactics, most RIA troop schematics, and most blueprints of military buildings on Pentafrax 7-4. This makes him a very valuable asset to the Syndicate.


As purely robotic beings go, Renegade has a very vivid personality. He is able to refuse and abort commands if he knows that it would lead to his untimely demise. He can hold out a conversation, since he's been around for over 20 years, and has a lot of experience and knowledge stored within him. But, his limited creative thinking has caused him to be slightly dependant on the rest of the team, usually when operations go awry.


Maximum value of 15.

Strength: 14
Agility: 12
Toughness: 14
Mind: 10