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Renna Green
Renna Green Brain Attack
Renna Green

Delta 47


Vortex Staff




Makuhero City



Similarly to most other heroes, Renna was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City . She was made in the 2.0 and was assigned in the Delta 47 with 3 other Heros and she was made to be the Scout of the team.

Fight with friend

When Renna was with Riaso and Candra, both were on flight training until they found out there was a Illegal Fight Club, They came to stop it and found out Soldon Armor was in it. Both Riaso and Soldon have a fight until Candra yelled "HEY should we be stopping the villains first". Later Melldo got away and Riaso was really mad at Soldon, later at the Hero Factory her and Candra talk about how to get the both Riaso & Soldon to be friends again. She went to talk to Soldon while Candra talk to Riaso. When Soldon the training, she try asking him to stop for a moment and talk to him to get both him and Riaso to get Friends again. She was not really scared, only a little because she know that there is a good side in him. But he still will not talk to Riaso.


After the Brain Attack on Makuhero City, TRenna and others was called to meet Soldon and Lan to get some better equipments to go down the massive hole in Hero Factory that was made by Dragon Bolt, to close it but when they gotten down there, they found that Nova is dead. later when they gotten the explosive set up, and when they was about to get out, one of the bombs explode and some big boulders landed on Lan. Renna try to get Lan out but it was no use, Lan told her to get out but she didn't litsen, so Lan tell Soldon to get her out and he grabed Renna out. When the bombs exploded and her and Soldon gotten out of the hole, Soldon told Tiffany and Candra that Lan gave his core away to stop the brains from coming out. 


Kind and Shy, Renna hardly fights but she will to save her people and team. 

Renna is a really shy member in the Delta 47 team, and she is best friends with Candra Crystal and thinks of her like a mother. She doesn't like taking part of other rookie pranks but she does have a really good sense of humor. Renna thinks of her team as a family, she is good friends everyone and others.


Picture Form Description
Renna Green 2.0 2.0 form Renna was made in the 2.0 and was given new armor to aid him in fighting new wave of villains.
Renna Green 3.0 3.0 form Renna's form was fitted with new armor to help her in the jungle.
Renna Green - BA 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Nova was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
Renna Green Brain Attack 5.0 form In the attack Renna was fitted with new armor and weapons to fight off the brains.


Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Toughness: 5
Mind: 9

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