Reptilus's Blog is a Story from Reptilus's Point of view.

Chapter 1

"Alright, I'll try" I said. I was on a mission with Flamer, Cadilus, and Kruncher. We were to secure a heavy supply on energy crystals. I was given the order to drill through a wall on to the other side of it.

"Well, do it quickly" Said Cadilus "I heard the Heroes were sending a team to stop us, and Vonny promised us a fortune."

"He always promises a fortune." replied Flamer

"When do Heroes get here?" Said Krusher "I want something to crush."

"I don't wanna face some dang Heroes." I replied

"Krusher has a point, if we do in the heroes, Von might give us some more pay." said Cadilus. I had finally finished drilling.

"Okay, lets go through." I said. We went in to see a swarm of bugs looking like they were about to attack. We prepared our weapons for battle. They attacked us so quickly, I couldn't tell what was happening. I just put my sword wherever I saw something coming at me. I was hit several times, and I fell down a hole. The last words I heard were...

"Don't worry, Death is far, Life is here."

Chapter 2

When I woke up, I was in some sort of hut, and I got up to see an organic. "Ah, you're awake." it said "Just in time, we are to prepare a feast." he left, I looked around, and saw an open closet, with dead robot bodies inside. They wanted me dead.

I got up, picked up my sword, and put my hand on the doorknob, about to open it and attack. Then I heard talking.

"Are you sure you closed the closet?" Said a voice

"I think I did." Said another.

They tried to cover it up, but I found out. I opened the door and swung my sword, not hitting anything. Three organics scattered across the room. I jumped at one swinging my sword, and missed. One came at me and I grabbed it by the neck, holding it up, and choking it, dying from suffocation. The other two stared in horror. I threw my sword at one, killing it. The other trying to take the sword out. I ran to it and killed it with my bare hands. I saw a red liquid coming out, and it...disturbed me. A thought popped into my mind...

"What am I doing?"

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