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Affiliation Von Nebula
Weapons Meteor Blaster, Axe
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Restor is a member of Von Nebula's force's.


Restor ended up in Makuhero's jail for his crimes. There Restor gathered more power, because he was so angry. Years later, he broke the jail and fled. Restor found a Meteor Blaster and Axe.

Then he joined the forces of Von Nebula.

Several weeks later, Restor had to fight against Rodd Verston. Restor lose, but he received all the information, what Von Nebula needed.

Now he is Von Nebula's force's lieutenant.

Abilities & Traits

Restor is really strong and he can duplicate himself.


Restor's weapons are a Meteor Blaster and an Axe.


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