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Rex (Rage)
Rex (Rage).jpg

Covert-Ops Recon Force, Villain


Sword, Bio-Claws, Bio Quaza Spike Shooter


Plotting the downfall of CORF.


Planetoid 465

Rex was once a Hero, when one day, he was infected with the virus Rage. Now Rage has mutated him and has taken control.



Rex was made like any other hero, but in the likeness of Preston Stormer. He was upgraded the same way as Stormer. The process had one flaw, though: Rex never had confidence in himself. He always thought he could be better. He always wanted to be like Stormer. He could never deal with just being himself; that was one of the reason's of his downfall.

Rookie 6 Team Detail

Rex was one of the best heroes on Rookie 6. He trained as hard as he could every day. He trained until his core was drained; in fact, once they had to replace his Hero Core. He was so tough on his teammates, that they sent him on many missions solo. They later replaced the other two heroes in the team with two tougher heroes.

Alpha 1 Team Detail

Rex was later sent to training with Preston Stormer in Alpha Team. Later, when Jimi Stringer dropped out of Alpha Team to go solo, Rex was put in Stringer's place. Stormer saw potential in Rex, and Rex became Stormer's best friend. They often went on missions together, often without Dunkan Bulk, the other team member. He was later taken out of Alpha Team, and sent to the brand new, highly secretive, Covert-Ops Recon Force.

CORF (Covert-Ops Recon Force) Detail

Rex was later sent to a new team with James Black and Gene. Rex was infected with the virus Rage, an escaped villain, who is now a virus who infects himself in Hero Cores. The only way to get the virus out was to destroy his core, in turn, killing himself. James highly disapproved of this, but Rex had to do it; it was the only way. He was a hero for only 25 years.

Abilities and Traits


When he was a hero, he had almost all the abilities of Stormer. He had ice claws, a rhino helmet, and a sword in his left hand.


When he was Rage, he had many Bio-Weapons. He had Bio-Claws, a sword on his right hand, and a Bio Quaza Spike Shooter on his left wrist.