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"You will pay for your crimes!"
3.0 Form
Affliction Hero Factory
Colors White, Red
Team Zeyphr (Former)
Location Makuhero City
Status Deceased


Rick was a strangely strong hero, with a tough attitude


Like most other heroes, Rick was assembled in the aseembly tower, in Makuhero City. He was raised in Makuhero City and attended Makuhero High where he was the star quarterback of their hero ball team. After seeing his great strength and leadership skills, he was recruited by the Hero factory scouts, along with his good friend, Harry Brand. He was reassembled into a fierce crime fighting force and made it with Harry, Harry's sister Katie, Wolf, and Ryan. Rick was voted team leader.


  • "You will pay for your crimes against society."
  • "Time to bring the Heat!"


  • Rick's personality is based off of Vhenua, who is in the Bionicle series
  • Rick was created by CC-0413
  • His name is based off of the Walking Dead character "Rick Grimes"
  • His prototype name was "Rick Blizzard Burner" but was changed by the creators for being "to cheesy".