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Rick Jonas
Jonas Profile

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Rick Jonas is a member of the Verrrax team. He is the second in command after Maxus Neox, Although he has been on the team longer and has more experience. This did not affect their friendship in any way, Jonas gets along better with Neox than anybody else on the team.

Early Life


Jonas was made on Planet Geilu but his first mission was on Planet Verrax. He never returned back to Planet Geilu and was rumored dead for sometime until a status update showed that he was now a guard in the Planet Verrax jail. He stayed as a guard for some time and didn't go on a mission until he was upgraded to a 2.0.


When upgraded to his 2.0 form, He was sent on his first mission. On this mission he had to investigate raw quaza sources on Planet Zenara. Clank and Ellie came with him on this mission. Jonas was infected with this raw quaza while on this mission and was turned into a complete quaza beast and tried to kill Ellie and Clank, although they got away and escaped back to planet Verrax. Zanex and Neox were later sent up to rescue him. They removed his bad quaza and equipped him with a new core.

Current Status


During the Breakout Jonas and Dylan Clank went after Voodoo, although Voodoo was too strong for Jonas and damaged his armour really badly. He was sent back to planet Verrax where he was upgraded with much better armour to stop Voodoo once and for all. During his breakout form he was equipped with a sword and a hand gun.

Brain Attack

'A brain pod was sent off track and landed in planet Verrax jail. The verrax team must now upgrade to their brain Attack forms and defeat the brains!'

For the Brain Attack, Jonas will be equipped with a hand saw and drill. He will help defeat the brains on planet Verrax.