Rick Sol

Hero Factory, Omega 5 Team


Light Bow



Rick Sol, Golden Archer of the Sun


Rick Sol is a hero who is the most upgraded hero of Omega 5.

Early Life

Rick Sol was the first prototype 2.0 hero. His design was perfected and was used for Evo and Nex. His training was mainly in designing weapons. His own Light Bow was designed by himself. He was assigned to the newly created Omega 5 with Wolfspike and Nightclaw as the first three heroes. They fought many villains.

Nightclaw's Corruption

During a mission, Nightclaw stumbled upon a Venokara nest with Wolfspike and was mutated by the Venokaras. Nightclaw went to the site of Sol's mission and almost killed his old friend. Wolfspike and Cano gave him the antidote, curing him.


Rick Sol was outfitted for the breakout and is now doing what he can with Wolfspike, Nightclaw, and the rest of Omega 5.


Sol originally had yellow armor.When he was upgraded his armor turned golden.


In his 2.0 form he had his current Light Bow.He kept his bow in his 3.0 form along with a scythe.


Sol is loyal to Hero Factory and will do whatever he can to protect the peace.

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